Offering a Safe & Warm Winter Welcome ❄

This time of year always brings challenges for companies trying to offer their customers or guests a safe and warm welcome. Wet weather combined with colds, flu, and other seasonal viruses create the perfect storm for settings to become dirty and unhygienic. When you add the threat of COVID-19 to the mix, it is even more critical for businesses to take steps to provide a clean, hygienic, and welcoming environment.

After all, as we live with the coronavirus in general circulation, people are much more wary about where they go to shop or spend time, and need to be convinced that these establishments are clean and safe. So how can you make a good first impression?

Of course, it is essential that high levels of cleanliness are upheld throughout an entire facility, but implementing a few simple measures at the entrance to a building instantly indicates that you take health and hygiene seriously.

Provide an opportunity for hand hygiene
Placing a hand sanitising dispenser at the main entrance can help prevent germs from being brought into your facility. This not only helps keep your establishment hygienic but also reassures customers and guests of this fact as soon as they arrive. Consider placing a notice above or next to the hand sanitiser too. This has been shown to boost compliance, actively reminding people to clean their hands, when they might otherwise walk straight past the dispenser.

Cleanliness underfoot is important too
80% of the total amount of soil present within a building is brought in via people’s feet so it is a good idea to put in place a barrier matting system. This could prevent up to 90% of floor dirt and grime from entering the building, which helps floors to stay cleaner for longer. You will certainly notice the difference in the colder, wetter months.

And once inside…
Make sure to avoid slips and trips! Rainy days can quickly cause slip hazards as the drips from umbrellas and coats trickle onto hard floors. Ensure your facility is frequently cleaned (during business hours as well as after closing). This can make a dramatic improvement, keeping it cleaner and safer, especially on wet weather days.

By putting effective health and safety measures in place at the entrances of establishments, you can quickly demonstrate that your premises are safe to visit. For more information or advice, please call our friendly distributors on MSC East 01277 200520 or MSC West 01932 753400