Introducing Our New, Extensive Catering & Hospitality Catalogue

Have you looked through our newly launched Catering and Hospitality Catalogue yet? If you haven’t had the chance, then read on for a sneak preview…

Available now in a compact A5 size, it is absolutely bursting with everything a catering business might need. What’s more, we have included more sustainable options than ever before, helping our customers to make responsible choices and meet their own sustainability goals. These include disposable food packaging, cutlery and drinkware that are made from recycled materials, and are also compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

From mixology, dispensing and serving essentials for bartenders, a large range of glassware (entry level to fine dining), through to front of house essentials, including crockery, cutlery, oven to tableware, and presentation displays, the new catalogue has it all.

It caters for everything required within commercial kitchens, including equipment and appliances such as ovens, cookers, toasters, dishwashers, juicers and blenders, as well as cook and bakeware, storage and kitchen utensils. For staff, there is an array of uniform and PPE on offer, including chef’s clothing, headwear, hand protection, and footwear.

Also included are kitchen hygiene supplies, which are essential to avoid cross-contamination and the risk of foodborne illness. The catalogue covers all chemicals, paper products, and cleaning products, including the new ntrl range, our innovative line of natural and more sustainable cleaning products. All ntrl products use raw materials that are derived from plant-based extracts; their natural formulas are 100% biodegradable, contain zero petrochemicals, and can reduce the product’s carbon footprint by up to 85%.

For hotels, we are proud to offer brands including Elsyl and Taylor of London, as well as product ranges that are 90% natural. Other features include an array of different signage, fire safety equipment, first aid, waste management, plus washroom essentials including baby change facilities.


Take a look inside to find a whole host of excellent, high-quality products – all of which are available at consistent, competitive prices thanks to our network’s increasing buying power. We are proud to offer a local, fast and reliable delivery service too.

For more information, advice, or to place an order, please call our friendly team on,

MSC East

01277 200520


MSC West

01932 753400

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