RTU Products

Due to global supply chain challenges on ready to use (RTU) products, we are making some changes in order to safeguard future production and supply of products.

750ml RTU products will now only be supplied with 2 trigger sprayer heads in each case of 6 x 750ml. Until further notice, these products will be securely capped in the carton and will include 2 loose trigger sprayer heads.

We ask for your co-operation during this difficult time by working together to ensure packaging remains available for supply and use of our products. Therefore, ask customers to keep all 500ml pump and 750ml trigger heads for future use.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

MSC has been awarded The Planet Mark certification

MSC has been awarded The Planet Mark certification for its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 5% year-on-year.  MSC have committed to continuous improvement in sustainability, setting a target of cutting their carbon footprint by 5%, a total of 1.2 tCO2e. This would be the equivalent of saving approximately 1000km of car travel.

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First and Founder of The Planet Mark, commented; We are delighted to be certifying The Maintenance Supply Co. for the first time; “The company’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions in its operations and minimising its environmental impacts is to be celebrated. In following their sustainability goals, MSC has enabled customers to buy products and services from a business that is committed to continuous improvement in sustainability, thereby improving their own impacts on society and the environment”.

Ross Osborne, Director, MSC: “Having seen many sustainability initiatives and accreditations across Europe it’s exceptionally daunting for an and SME to select an ideology that fits within its own business roadmap in doing what it can to help rescue the planet. MSC, as ultimately a wholesaler delivering daily into one of the most congested cities on the planet needed to make the right choice.  After spending the afternoon with Steve and his team it was clear The Planet Mark was the right approach for MSC to understand it’s exposure and ultimately deliver its goals and ambitions for lowering it’s C02.”

“They make it simple to capture data and determine what’s required to achieve certification.  It’s an eye opener which inadvertently drives you to want to achieve more. Its an exciting time for MSC as we incorporate another business into our domain and we can’t wait to work with The Planet Mark and the rest of The Planet Mark family closer to see what we can achieve. We can’t do this as one, but we can achieve this together.”


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